It’s us, not CO2, that climate bill aims to control

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It’s us, not CO2, that climate bill aims to control

Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein has been following the “climate change” bill that was cobbled together in Congress in recent weeks. This is the bill, written by left-wing Democrats Henry Waxman and Ed Markey, that would attempt to lower American carbon emissions by 83 percent in 40 years. I.e., it would raise energy prices, drive our remaining manufacturers offshore, destroy our future military capability and drive a stake through the heart of the American economy.

Pearlstein makes the following observations about the bill:

(1) It is “badly flawed” and a “monstrosity” that includes many concessions to special interests

(2) New government agencies would “dole out rebates and tax subsidies and pick winning and losing technologies”

(3) Newly created regulators would “set prices and allocate resources”

(4) “Its elaborate allocation of pollution allowances and offsets reads like a parody of industrial policy”

(5) “The opportunities for waste, fraud and regulatory screwup look enormous”

(6) Nevertheless, it “may be the best bill that the political system can produce”

(7) It is “preferable to doing nothing”

Isn’t that just the way an honest liberal so often reacts, after looking at the hard facts? One would like to get inside their brains to study why they so often misfirelike this.

Now the climate will change or not, as it always has, due to gargantuan forces beyond our control. On its face, this stupid bill is like King Canute trying to stop the tide from coming in. However, “climate change” is just a deceptive pretext for this bill that enables leftists to do to the American economy and the American people what they have always wanted to do: Control us. Cut us down to size. Break us. Disarm us. Transform us from proud citizens to meek subjects. Make us like Europeans. Force us to submit first to collectivist economics and then to the authority of world government.

This is the actual goal; preventing climate change has nothing to do with it. This bill is written by our domestic enemies, and must be stopped.

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