Obama’s illusion of placating Iran

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Obama’s illusion of placating Iran

Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, after discussions with the great compromiser, President Obama, agreed to allow the United States to negotiate with Iran before taking action to protect Israel from sure annihilation. The United States has been thwarted time and time again when attempting to negotiate with terror nations. These governments do not have our values. One believes in jihadism and the other is atheist. We should never compromise our values … and neither should you.

Hasn’t it been a long-standing practice not to negotiate with terrorists who kidnap our United States citizens or property? Is Iran any different? No.

Iran, as well as, North Korea has out PR’d us! Both countries may entertain thoughts of uranium enrichment dancing in their heads, but neither has the technological or financial capability of completing their nuclear projects without bankrupting their people or placing them in harm’s way for extinction. Unfortunately, without Judeo-Christian values, that is exactly what each terror nation will do.

How can the United States tell Netanyahu that we stand with Israel and ask the Israelis to agree to a two-state solution supporting Palestinian sovereignty as their most sweeping issue, then urge them to allow us to negotiate with a terror nation ready to blast them off the face of the earth?

Capturing a negotiated (read compromised) permanent settlement with Iran over their nukes is no more likely to occur than Bill and Hilary Clinton’s promise to keep a kosher kitchen in the White House, if elected.

All we have done is pay lipservice to our strong ally in the Middle East who shares our values.

Dear President Obama,

Just say no to negotiating and compromising with terror nations.


United States Citizens with Values.

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