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Schaller party ascends Mt. Bierstadt

As recent transplants to Colorado from Pennsylvania, we are overwhelmed daily by the beauty and majesty of our new home state. As a family, we have enjoyed hiking for several years. Many of our family


First fix Medicare, Mr. President

America’s health care system certainly has its share of problems, of which most emanate from politicians’ tinkering. They keep tempting the frustrated consumer with promises of better benefits at someone else’s expense. So the prospect


‘Axis of Evil’ having their way with USA

(Boston) While the world watched the fraudulent Iranian elections by chance I found myself here in the historic capital of American election fraud. Just a few steps from Boston’s City Hall the Union Oyster House


Same old same old Sonia

(Denver Post, June 21) “It is a small state, and yet there are those who love it.” Sen. Daniel Webster, arguing the Dartmouth case before the Supreme Court, actually said “college,” not “state.” But my


CCU hosts teens for a week of “Freedom 101”

One hundred students from high schools far and wide are with us on the CCU campus this week for "Freedom 101," a short course on free-market economics conducted by the Foundation for Economic Education, New


Opposition party’s job is to oppose

When during a particularly bitter Parliamentary debate in 1909 the Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith denounced Conservatives for their “willful, constant, and unyielding opposition” to almost every Government policy, the Conservative leader Arthur Balfour swiftly


Will debt sink US as it did Ottomans?

For 500 years the Ottoman Empire had dominated the Middle East and the Balkans. Their domain stretched from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, from the Sahara to the Crimea. Their vast


God’s mercy endures, but 3rd Circuit demurs

In the fall of 2004, Wesley Busch was a kindergarten student at the Marple Newtown School District in Marple, Pennsylvania. Each week, one of the students in his class would be the featured student in