Want equal time? We invite contrary opinions

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Want equal time? We invite contrary opinions

’76 Blog is an experiment in civic discussion, a new venture still finding its direction. Contributors from inside and outside the CCU community have come forward in the early weeks. Glad to have all of them.

But one thing we’re missing is vigorous differences of opinion. The blog would be better with more of that. The differences could be about politics, education, cultural trends, ice cream flavors, or anything else on your mind. Have at it!

The blogging ethos may not be familiar to all our readers. It is, by definition, opinionated, argumentative, often edgy, and necessarily thick-skinned. The analogy is to pamphleteering in 1776 times. The Tom Paines of today are finding their voice again, much to the benefit of the Republic.

Hence the murmured concerns from some folks about “transparency” and “academic freedom” seem rather off-target. I’ve championed transparency in government, with liberals slowly coming on board, but what it might mean in connection with a policy institute or political chatroom, I’m not quite sure. Likewise, I led the nation in bringing academic freedom issues before state legislatures back in 2003. The principle is dear to me. If someone feels we’re violating it, let’s discuss that.

The benefit of the Republic, to which I just alluded, is Centennial Institute’s objective—under God, of course—which goes without saying, but now it’s said. The honest conviction of most of us involved here is that faith, family, and freedom aren’t very well served by the liberal ideas and individuals currently dominant in America. Your honest conviction may be just the opposite, however.

So, to repeat—let’s discuss that. Articles or comments of any length in any style on any topic from anyone (almost) are welcome. Direct them to John Andrews, Editor, jandrews@ccu.edu. Thanks for your interest.

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