Calvin, 500 this month, foresaw dangers of power

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Calvin, 500 this month, foresaw dangers of power

John Calvin, one of the giants of Christian history, was born 500 years ago this month: July 10, 1509, to be exact. To mark the half-millennium of his enduring influence, Pastor Don Sweeting of Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church—and a trustee of Colorado Christian University—wrote a three-part tribute on his blog.

Under the overall title of CELEBRATING THE LEGACY OF JOHN CALVIN, you’ll find Sweeting’s perspective on…

Part 1 Calvin as Pastor, Preacher, Reformer, Church Planter

Part 2 Calvin as Influencer of Culture, Government, Economics, and Education

Part 3 Calvin as Theologian—The Institutes of the Christian Religion

These are wonderful articles. I loved them, and among Don Sweeting’s words that jumped off the page was the observation that “no human can be trusted with absolute power.” Human experience has conclusively proven this to be true.

Personally, I would go even further – it is the lesson of history that no person nor any group can safely be trusted with a large degree of power over their fellow human beings, especially for any extended period of time.

Madison, among others, understood this very well. So did almost all of the nation’s early leaders, particularly Washington who said something to the effect that government is not reason nor is it eloquence, rather it is force, and like fire, a dangerous servant and fearful master.

We believe that one of God’s purposes for CCU is to raise up a generation of citizens who share Washington and Madison’s aversion to big government.

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