‘Make us a king,’ the appeal to Samuel, 2009 edition

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‘Make us a king,’ the appeal to Samuel, 2009 edition

Might there be a parallel between the situation of America today and that of ancient Israel many centuries ago?

Against God’s cautions, as He defined and invited individuals and peoples into face-to-face relationship with Him, ancient Israel asked to return to Egypt as slaves rather than endure the wilderness. Later they asked for judges, then they asked for kings.

America’s founders wisely confined the role of the state to dealing with bad actors, outside its boundaries and within. For the law-abiding masses, the non- involvement of government depended on effectiveness of citizens’ consciences and their overarching regard for God.

But current US political leaders, no longer limiting their attention to lawbreakers, now take aim at America’s law-abiding citizery, proposing to serve as their “conscience” by codifying in law the dos and don’ts of our consumption (“cap and trade”) and the dos and don’ts of responsible living (“healthcare”). Sounds like ancient Israel to me.

Will America stay on what some call the riskier path of maintaining the freedom of its people? Or will America veer from the course of freedom and elevate an unknown body of bureaucrats to do the work of the individual’s conscience for him—with a stick?

Will Americans trade our freedom for the uniquely intrusive environmental and healthcare initiatives before us?

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