Temper fear with facts on ‘fracking,’ Bidgood urges

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Temper fear with facts on ‘fracking,’ Bidgood urges

Prof. Thomas Bidgood of the CCU science faculty, an officer of the American Association of Professional Geologists, draws our attention to an open forum on the contentious issue of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas development in Colorado, convened by AIPG in Glenwood Springs this Saturday, August 8. Details and registration here.

This Denver Post ran this major story on hydrofracking last week. Media coverage of the technique, said Bidgood, has tended to be “alarmist and ill-informed—as is most coverage of resource (hydrocarbon or mineral) issues.

“The current legislation in Congress” he added, “is led by two Colorado representatives–Polis and DeGette who have been openly hostile to the oil and gas industry not only in Colorado but also in the US in general.

“The Post article tries to appear balanced but falls back into alarmism in spite of several references to regulatory agency fact findings that say no adverse consequences credited to Hydrofracking.

“But we all know that alarmists never let the facts stand in the way of a chance to stir up the public. Hence the AIPG conference to inform with the facts.” Prof. Bidgood can be reached at tbidgood@ccu.edu.

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