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Socialism’s fatal failings

Democracy and virtue go hand in hand. Freedom cannot exist without a corresponding level of responsibility. Democacy, likewise, needs a virtuous electorate to work smoothly. I am not advocating a utopian society based on an


Further thoughts on liberty, law, virtue, and faith

Editor: Kevin Miller’s forum on “Liberty & Christianity: Allies or Adversaries?”, held at CCU on 8/28, continues to stir discussion. After Greg Schaller weighed in on 8/30, Bill Watson countered on 9/8. Schaller now offers


Impose virtue? The attempt will & should fail

Editor: Bill Watson, a theocrat? Not hardly. But he recalls being charged as such, in the context of reflections upon how Christian citizens in America should balance their aspirations to liberty and virtue, a topic


Your health care is your own business

Our ongoing debate about government’s role in health care is proving worthwhile because it forces people to focus on the real tradeoffs in a system mandated—if not directly operated—by government, rather than one selected by


Digging the dirt on Denver Public Schools

Besides nannying, mowing the occasional lawn and the seemingly full-time job that basketball and soccer demand, neither of us had really<!–more–> had a “real” job until this summer when we worked for a prominent Denver


Health care: Listen, think, decide

Editor: You thought blogging was inherently overheated? This coolly reasoned piece asks for our best as deliberative citizens sifting for truth in the health care melee. Scott Starin is Boulder County Republican chairman, a former