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Obama and Marx: A Persistent Pattern

The public record contains the following undisputed data points. What do they add up to? Nothing conspiratorial, for all are from open sources. Nothing conclusive, for the President and his circle behave more like blue-state

CCU disputants find common ground at symposium

Prior to last week’s Colorado Christian University all-campus event, the “Symposium on Faith, Family and Freedom,” members of the CCU faculty and fellows of the Centennial Institute have engaged in a spirited debate over the

Reflections on the grace of sports

My dad’s father was a tough Scottish builder. The story I’ve heard is that when he began to follow Christ, there was a radical change in his life. He gave up drinking, he gave up

Kiss your freedom and money goodbye with mandatory insurance

Talk about personal responsibility is cheap. Legislating personal responsibility isn’t. Take the movement to require everyone to purchase government-approved health insurance. If at first this seems like a reasonable requirement necessary to reduce cost shifting

Escaping Afghanistan: Democrats Hunt for Excuses

Evidence continues to mount demonstrating how much better Democrats are at campaigning than governing. Legislative chaos, Gitmo waffling, missile defense implosion, metastasizing debt, and skeletons tumbling out of the closet (Van Jones, Acorn etc.) to

White House: Never mind Taliban, get Beck!

Obama seems to be more concerned with fighting a war with Fox News, than pursuing the war on terror. While our generals are asking for an increase in forces in Afghanistan, Obama dithers. A century

Nobel Committee hails the weakening of America

The proclamation announcing the Nobel Peace Prize for President Obama states that he “created a new climate in international politics. Multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position, with emphasis on the role that the United

Will media throw Barack under the bus?

The next great reckoning for the media is their response to Obama’s imminent failure. They will have to choose between their ideology, to support Obama, or fecklessly go with the good story. The answer is