White House: Never mind Taliban, get Beck!

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White House: Never mind Taliban, get Beck!

Obama seems to be more concerned with fighting a war with Fox News, than pursuing the war on terror. While our generals are asking for an increase in forces in Afghanistan, Obama dithers. A century and a half ago the British Army in India marched into Afghanistan. Realizing they did not have sufficient forces, they tried to withdraw their troops. Over the next few weeks, as they made their way back south through the Khyber pass, the army of nearly 16,000 military and support personnel was annihilated. Only one medical officer survived to tell the story. Shortly thereafter, an Afghan poet celebrated his event by calling his country ‘the graveyard of empires.’ If the Obama administration can’t get serious in Afghanistan, we should bring the troops home and declare defeat. Of course this would allow our enemies to recoup and attack our country once again. This would be a catastrophe with a nuclear Pakistan next door and Islamic Jihadis threatening that government daily.

Instead our president has declared war on the only network independent of the government. With a strategy similar to what Hugo Chavez is doing with any opposition in the Venezuelan media, the White House is refusing to allow any member of the administration to be interviewed on Fox. Obama is willing to sit down with Chavez, but won’t sit down with Glenn Beck, nor allow his lackeys to do so.

White House Communications director Anita Dunn told CNN Sunday, concerning Fox News, “we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave.” I wonder if Ms. Dunn is behaving the way a White House Communications Director should behave, especially to the most popular news outlet in the United States. If Obama is able to stop Fox, or succeed in intimidating them into compliance like the rest of the mainstream media, I worry for our republic.

When asked what kind of government he was trying to create, Benjamin Franklin responded, “a republic, if you can keep it.” I am beginning to worry, whether we can keep that republic.

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