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Christmas bomber: Obama still doesn’t get it

(’76 Contributor) When the President solemnly vows to “get to the bottom of all this and bring these violent extremists to justice”, he is telegraphing the following: 1. He is NOT connecting the violence to

How strange will 2010 be? Brace yourself

(’76 Editor) Also from our Head On mini-debate series on Colorado Public Television, Susan Barnes-Gelt and I vie for the oddest angle on what the New Year of 2010 might bring. Don’t hold your breath

Winners & Sinners of 2009: Two Views

(’76 Editor) Fast away the old year passes! And as it does, Colorado Public Television is airing my backward glance at the newsmakers deserving of conservative bouquets and brickbats in 2009, counter-balanced by the liberal

To start 2010 right, sign the Manhattan Declaration

(’76 Contributor) “The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience,” released last month, impressed me as a profound statement by a large number of Christian leaders taking a stand for the foundations of civilization, the

Coloradan of the Year: Who and Why?

(Denver Post, Dec. 27) Remember those times when we thought the world had changed, but it hadn’t? Eight years ago after jihadists attacked the US homeland, and again last year after America elected its first

Why not a three-year college degree?

There is a consensus that the desperate plight of higher education finances in Colorado calls not for tinkering around the edges but a radical re-examination of basic premises. The traditional solution of “Give Them More

Cognitive learning makes sense to this teacher

Much has been said about the dumbing down of America. One look at the “Let’s Make A Deal” health-care reform process in Washington shows we need better problem-solving skills. Yet helping students learn to problem-solve