Did Mass. quake shake Colorado? Two views

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Did Mass. quake shake Colorado? Two views

After Tuesday’s shocker in the Massachusetts Senate race, there was a hilarious contrast between true-believer Democrats with their implausible spin script and the common-sense response of everyone else, Republicans and independent voters alike. It was well illustrated in my TV taping on Channel 12, Jan. 21, for this month’s series of “Head On” mini-debates with former Denver city councilwoman Susan Barnes-Gelt. Our exchange went as follows:

John: Massachusetts voters sent a powerful message of discontent to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid by electing Republican Scott Brown to the Senate seat long held by liberal lion Ted Kennedy. Unemployment, terrorism, and the unpopular health care takeover add up to a bad political year for Democrats, Susan.

Susan: Martha Coakley made every mistake a candidate can make. She took a month off, refused to press the flesh and ran as an entitled incumbent. D’s and R’s can learn from her mistakes. Incumbents and uber-partisans are in trouble on both sides of the aisle.

John: You must be looking at different polls than the ones I see. Republicans are rebounding. Democrats are the ones in trouble, likely to lose big next fall in races for Senate, House, and Governor, Colorado possibly included. Radical overreach by Obama and his party has Americans massively turned off.

Susan: Government has Americans massively turned off. Scott Brown never called himself an R nor called in the big dogs to endorse him. Voters are angry at the status quo in Washington, joblessness, Wall Street and leadership’s tin ear. The 2010’s – the decade of the independent.

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