Self–sufficiency can stop the bribery

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Self–sufficiency can stop the bribery

Bismarck, Prussia’s Iron Chancellor, once said, “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made.” In the case of the current government, bound and determined to take over our health care system regardless of public opposition, never have so many Americans been privy to the making of sausage—and it hasn’t been pretty. One must wonder if this much bribery and corruption are in plain view, what must be going on behind the scenes?

It seems that Liberal Democrats have a very limited number of tools in their toolbox. Their tool of choice always seems to be the one of bribery. Seek out the greatest weaknesses and deepest self-interests of your opposition, offer it to them and they’ll sell out anyone or anything. Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson and the SEIU are but the most blatant examples.

Isn’t this what Democrats have done with large swaths of voters? They give out crumbs in order to chip away at self-sufficiency, and recipients vote their greatest weaknesses and their deepest self-interests even if government dependency is not in their best interest. This is all wrapped in the most amazing paradox of all; the bludgeoning banner of “compassion” so as to claim moral superiority.

That’s quite a feat for an ideology with so few tools in its toolbox.

What’s the solution? Make self-sufficiency popular again, as a function of self-esteem and happiness. Do that, and the Democrat machine is disabled with no tools to restart its engine.

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