Jim’s Story: 15 Years of Marijuana Addiction

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Jim’s Story: 15 Years of Marijuana Addiction

(’76 Editor) A man in Denver, call him Jim, emailed me in connection with our Feb. 17 debate on medical marijuana and potential legalization of the drug. His comments speak for themselves:

I was hoping to make it to the debate but couldn’t. I did want to share with you some thoughts on the topic of discussion. I was addicted to drugs for 15 years. Though marijuana was the least harmful drug it lead to harder drugs. People like to say that it is only “habit forming” which is part of the lie that addicts buy into. All addictions are based on the addicted person convincing him/her self into a lie that what they are doing is “OK”. It is a lie.

My addiction to marijuana consisted of 15 years of daily looking for the drug and or doing it at every chance I could. I have been clean for 25 years but still have memories that haunt me to this day, including the death of two very close friends that died at the hands of drugs and their behavior changing effects.

I also have a friend that is moving his business because a “pot store” moved next door. We now have the druggies and drug dealers opening up shop “next door”, a thought that makes me sick. It needs to be stopped.

My hopes and prayers are that the lawmakers will come to their senses and start making decisions that will benefit the majority and not a relatively few lost individuals.

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