‘State of Palin’ address launches Sarah for 2012

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‘State of Palin’ address launches Sarah for 2012

(’76 Editor) Which big speech best expressed the concerns and hopes of most Americans right now, Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Jan. 26, or Sarah Palin’s forceful and confident speech at the Tea Party convention tonight? I give it to Palin hands down.

This may be the opening salvo of her presidential campaign for 2012, a campaign that stands a better chance of success with every passing week. It’s still very early, but three years from now we just might be getting used to the first woman ever to win the White House—and recalling that it all got started on Reagan’s birthday in Nashville, when American heard its next president give her State of the Palin address.

CNN seems to be the first news organization up with a lengthy text story on the speech (which wrapped up only 45 minutes ago). CSPAN’s website is promising a complete video file on the speech shortly.



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