Being Christian and conservative isn’t contradictory, Mike Lux

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Being Christian and conservative isn’t contradictory, Mike Lux

(CCU Faculty) Mike Lux, blogging in the Huffington Post, announces he has found the “Ultimate Contradiction-in-Terms: Right-Wing Christians.” Lux shakes his head and condemns those of us who claim to follow Jesus Christ and still vote for an occasional Republican. Here’s the oracle in full.

Lux begins this attack on people like myself by relating a debate between Glenn Beck and leftist-evangelical Jim Wallis. Wallis won the debate of course because he “actually knows something about the Bible.” Beck and his hero, Ayn Rand, enthrone “selfishness as the ultimate virtue.” (Lots of “ultimates” in Mike’s Luxicon.)

But it gets worse. Conservative Christians manage to “ignore the literally many hundreds of Biblical quotes about social justice.” And still worse, we turn Christianity into “a religion solely focused on one very selfish goal: whether they get into heaven or not. That’s it, that is the entire goal and purpose and meaning of their faith.”

Where to begin? For starters, Mike, citing Glenn Beck and Ayn Rand as holding the flag for conservative Christians is like using Rosie O’Donnell to shill your diet plan. Beck is a recent convert to Mormonism and before that a lapsed Catholic. Rand is a militant atheist. Try taking on real conservative Christians instead of your men and women of straw.

Next, since I “actually know something about the Bible” I have read the verses on social justice. And the Left is the greatest enemy of social justice in the history of the world. Left-wing governments have murdered more of their own citizens as a matter of state policy then all other governments in the history of the world combined. (You would claim no connection to the genocidal Stalin or Mao but I can connect you to them a lot easier than you can connect me to Ayn Rand.)

As for hypocrisy I claim no ability whatsoever to be able to compete with the Left. You sit comfortably in the richest nation in the history of the world and hold in contempt the economic conservatives who created it. You freely write your ad hominem screeds and hold in contempt the political conservatives who created that freedom. And you condescend to us religious conservatives who proclaim the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ who made Christian culture possible.

Since I am one of those cretins who “refuse to help the oppressed” let me tell you what my house is like. It is a place where the third-world poor and the oppressed in America, eat my food, sleep in my beds, drive my cars, and weep on my shoulder, EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. Multiply my story by thirty million and you get some idea what the “religious right” is all about. I would appreciate not being trashed by people whose idea of compassion is to vote to take my money away and give it to politicians they like. When it comes to giving one’s own money to help the “poor and oppressed” we troglodyte conservative Christians outgive you “compassionate” Leftists by more than three to one. (That’s from Who Really Cares by AEI scholar Arthur Brooks, featured speaker at a Centennial Institute forum in Denver just this morning, as it happens.)

“Getting to heaven” is not the only goal of my life. But Jesus said, (I know this because I actually read my Bible) “What does it profit a man if gains the whole world and loses his soul?” (Matthew 16:25) So apparently He is quite concerned about whether or not we go to heaven and you should be, too.

And I would like to ask one final question. You talk about people who really read the Bible and who “take the Bible seriously.” Why is it that more than 75% of the people who do so vote like I do? We read the Bible differently from you, Mike. Is it possible we read it better? (Or actually read it at all?)

So I will continue to live in the “ultimate contradiction” of being a Christian conservative until you can come up with something more than left-wing sloganeering. And in the meantime, if you want to know more about me you will have to go to someone besides Glenn Beck or Ayn Rand.

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