Ex–radical warns of Islamist threat in CCU talk

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Ex–radical warns of Islamist threat in CCU talk

(’76 Editor) Tawfik Hamid, an Egyptian medical doctor once recruited to a radical Islamist cell by Ayman al-Zawahiri (himself an MD in Egypt who has since become second in command of Al Qaeda), spoke on “Confronting Radical Islam” to a lunchtime audience of almost 100 students, faculty, and friends from the community at the CCU dining commons on March 3.

The violent and brutal doctrines assumed by many Westerners to be part of an extremist fringe are in fact mainstream Muslim teachings, Dr. Hamid said. He described an “ABC list” of such doctrines that can be used to test the claim that Islam is a religion of peace.

The first seven letters of his alphabet, all derived from the Koran, are apostate-killing, barbaric treatment of women, calling Jews pigs and monkeys, declaring war on non-Muslims, enslaving fellow human beings, fighting Jews and Christians by holy command, and gay-killing.

Not one book is in print from a Muslim authority denouncing these practices, Dr. Hamid said. Nor are there any prominent mosques and clerics on record against them.

His own book “Inside Jihad” was on sale after the talk, which was jointly sponsored by the Centennial Institute and a new CCU student group called the Mideast Reconciliation Initiative. Chapters in the book address the making of an Islamic terrorist, myths and misconceptions about Islamism, the failure of Islamic societies, the failure of the West, steps toward an Islamic reformation, and a strategic plan to defeat radical Islam. The author’s website, TawfikHamid.com, has ordering information for the book.

Tawfik Hamid’s talk at CCU is linked here. (Allow time for file to fully download before playing.)

The West must wake up to the cancerous threat of violent Islam not only on its borders but in its midst, Hamid told CCU audience

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