‘Taxed Enough Already’ rally on 3/10 points toward 4/15

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‘Taxed Enough Already’ rally on 3/10 points toward 4/15

Several hundred Coloradans gathered yesterday at the state capitol to remind our government officials that we pay the bills. Sponsored by a coalition of independent but like-minded organizations, including the Independence Institute, the rally vigorously reasserted our role as citizen-leaders.

Important points were addressed. Paramount were these messages to our state and federal legislators: Stop irresponsible spending and uphold the values of the citizens you represent. We don’t want Obamacare. We don’t want nannyism. We don’t want economy-crippling taxes and regulation.

Judges too were called upon to be held accountable. Because our state supreme court too often condones the governor’s and legislature’s uncontrolled spending, shouts of “Clear the Bench” rang out.

Speakers and banners proclaimed that we just want the government to stick to its job and let us manage our lives ourselves. Many protesters waved “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and “Taxed Enough Already” posters. Others, including me, sported “I Love TABOR” T-shirts. Defending TABOR, our solitary defense against rampant, ever-mounting taxation, was a primary theme.

Another fiscal-restraint rally is scheduled for April 15th, income tax day. Let’s keep reminding them that they work for us. And, if they don’t listen, we’ll vote them out of office in November.

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