In disavowing nukes, BHO spoke to his own echo chamber

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In disavowing nukes, BHO spoke to his own echo chamber

President Obama made public a political position of which many are not surprised. What is surprising is the fact that the position was made so publicly. My interest is to whom was the President speaking.

Even President Obama is experienced enough to know that our enemies are unconcerned about our policies or pronouncements. Our enemies are interested in our abilities and they know that Presidents come and Presidents go. If the United States took some unilateral action that dramatically altered military capacity or long term capabilities, then they would take interest. No, Obama was not speaking to them.

And I feel certain President Obama was not addressing our friends, few that there now are. Israel certainly was not in mind when Obama altered the current threat response. Israel is capable of defending itself and has painfully been reminded that this President has no interest in coming to the aid or defense of Israel. Europe and NATO will doubtless make public statements of support for this recent development but they too know that Russia is unimpressed with policies or positions. The Russians do care deeply about supplies of oil and natural gas. Imagine what Russia would do if the U.S. suddenly decided to develop large reserves of natural gas and establish a commercial LNG shipping center designed to deliver large quantities of energy to Europe? No, Obama was not speaking to our friends.

I can easily and quickly determine that the President does not directly communicate to or with Conservatives in the nation. I doubt Rush or Glenn were on the list of recipients for this new world view. So who was in his mind? I fear the answer to that question a lot. For it seems to me only one group remains, the feckless and slobbering surrounding the Oval office. I believe the President was listening to himself speak. The President is very impressed with himself it seems and he thinks his own counsel quite wise. I fear this new nuke, no nuke plan, succeeds in persuading Obama that President Obama is very wise and will lead the world in a more peaceful century. I fear that President Obama will be cheered by those in and around him and they will support even greater “steps toward world peace” than this.

I am reminded of the counsel offered by Grima Wormtongue to King Theoden of Rohan. Alas there are evils in the world and we are missing Frodo. To understand how the deception of Obama continues, just read the biography of Grima and know where the Chief of Staff really plans on going.

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