‘Peace President’ Obama echoes Chamberlain, not Truman

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‘Peace President’ Obama echoes Chamberlain, not Truman

So President Nobomba has decided he can avoid war by playing nice with our enemies. Now all he needs is Neville Chamberlain’s umbrella to complete the picture. But reliable Leftist Robert Sheer is rejoicing. The president finally is earning his Nobel Prize and “at last, a believable sighting of that peace president many of us thought we had elected,” writes Sheer.

Sheer’s applause is not surprising but his reasoning is. The president is right to back away from the use of nuclear weapons in order to repudiate President Truman’s use of the bomb which was, to Sheer, “the most atrocious act of terrorism in world history.” Goodness. The most atrocious? Really, Robert, that honor surely goes to one of your Leftist heroes. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragically killed two hundred thousand civilians. Stalin killed thirty million, Mao sixty million, and Pol Pot’s killing fields annihilated Cambodia’s middle class—about two million more. Surely these would get some mention in Sheer’s “Most Atrocious” category.

But back to Truman. Leftists countenance no use of the military—unless they are murdering the bourgeoisie. Truman’s “act of terrorism” is precisely the kind of life-saving act the military is designed to produce. Consider:

**Truman wasted no time on whether or not to use the bomb. It was tested on July 21 and dropped August 6.

**The death toll for both cities was lower than the number killed in the “Rape of Nanking” by the Japanese military in 1937. (300,000—another candidate for worst atrocity.)

**The U.S. military calculated it would lose at least 500,000 men if they were forced to take the Japanese main islands by conventional means. That would have doubled our World War II death toll. Maybe Sheer would like to go to every one of those families and explain the deaths of their sons in order to avoid the “worst atrocity in world history.”

**The U.S. also calculated that the Japanese civilian death toll would have been upwards of 15,000,000 in a conventional siege. More deaths that Sheer is apparently OK with.

**The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki gave the crazed Japanese military a face-saving device and allowed the Emperor to capitulate.

**The bombs, tragic as they were, showed us how bad nuclear weapons could be and none have been dropped since. That’s why David Drehle of Time Magazine said the real winner of the Nobel Peace prize should be should go to the nukes.

Sheer is a typical Leftist. He has absolutely no sense of perspective. And the American military he despises have allowed him to live comfortably at peace and given him the freedom to spew forth his nonsense.

The bad news is that Nobomba’s foreign policy is based on “sheer” fantasy and has no correlation with the real world. The good news is he has never kept a single promise he has made. I hope he doesn’t keep this one.

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