Student Republicans from CCU attend 4/15 Tea Party

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Student Republicans from CCU attend 4/15 Tea Party

(CCU Faculty) The Colorado Christian University chapter of the College Republicans sponsored a trip to the Colorado State Capitol for the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party. Twelve students attended the rally on the Capitol steps, joining thousands of other protesters.

Many news reports suggest various demographic biases (too white, too rich, too educated, too…). Tut as best we could see, the gathered group at the state capitol was a cross section of Colorado, with great ethnic, age and socio-economic diversity.

Another charge lodged against the Tea Parties has been that of radical extremism. While there were indeed a few signs that were off-color and a few outlandish claims made; these were a very small minority. And none were any worse than what was being promoted by the small gathering of “anti-Tea Party” protesters who were staged across the street. One sign actually called for the lynching of Sarah Palin! We will wait patiently for the media to cover that!

Most of the crowd was simply demanding greater protection of liberty; and less government, less entitlement spending, and less taxation.

Following the rally, the group headed into the Capitol building where they were led onto the Senate floor by State Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray), who shared some of the history as well as the day to day workings of the Colorado Senate.

The group then toured State House where the House Sgt of Arms escorted the group onto the floor while discussing the history of the House Chamber. Finally, the group visited the office of State Representative Amy Stephens (R-Colorado Springs) who shared some of her experiences.

The day marked an excellent experience of both citizen education and activism.

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