Workshop explores restoring Western Civ in classrooms

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Workshop explores restoring Western Civ in classrooms

“Best Practices in Teaching Western Civilization” was the topic for an all-day workshop hosted at Colorado Christian University by the Centennial Institute on April 16. Over 30 educators from across the state, representing five colleges and three high schools, took part.

President Bill Armstrong summoned the gathering to build on CCU’s new curriculum requirement for every freshman to take Western Civ as a cornerstone for subsequent courses in whatever major the student eventually chooses. In keynoting the day, Armstrong challenged participants to work against the “intellectual Alzheimer’s” that threatens our heritage of liberty.

Someone remarked that the militant multicultural assault on traditional curriculum in the 1980s, led by Jesse Jackson at Stanford and other prestige universities, needs to have its slogan turned around so as to demand, “Ho ho, hey hey, Western Civ has got to stay.”

Program materials for the April 16 workshop are here… western civ colloquium 041610.doc (55.50 kb) Some photos are below.

From afar: Centennial’s John Andrews welcomes Mohd Rozi Ismail (L), a Malaysian graduate student at Colorado State University, and Florian Hild (R), an American citizen born in Germany who is now headmaster of Ridgeview Classical Schools in Fort Collins

“Making It Work in the 21st Century” was the topic for Prof. Timothy Fuller, a political scientist from Colorado College.

Prof. Vincent McGuire of the Center for Western Civilization at CU-Boulder led a discussion on collaboration at the college level and with high schools.

Dr. Philip Mitchell of the CCU History Department chaired a student focus group on experiences in last fall’s Western Civ course.

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