Summit was “awesome, inspiring, the best,” say bloggers

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Summit was “awesome, inspiring, the best,” say bloggers

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and email inboxes are buzzing with comments about Western Conservative Summit 2010, July 9-11 in Denver. Here are three examples, including a photo snapped by one of the bloggers as John Andrews and Bill Armstrong introduced *** Morris to congressial candidate Cory Gardner, right, while Frank Gaffney and CCU student Matt Lenell looked on:

By Peg Brady ( Attended by over 650 people from many states, graced with a dozen renowned national speakers and numerous local candidates, the First Annual Western Conservative Summit can truthfully be declared a resounding success. Certainly one of the most important political events in Colorado this year, the Summit was incredibly inspiring. Arthur Brooks’ presentation on capitalism and freedom, for example, was classic. Each speaker addressed the need to regain America’s prosperity and moral strength from his/her specific area of knowledge, so that the total was a great breadth of understanding and ideas for what to do. I can hardly wait for the 2011 Summit.

By Ron Michel ( My feet hurt, I am exhausted after three days of the Western Conservative Summit—the best conservative event I have ever attended. My head is STILL spinning with all the wonderful messages from the star-studded speaker line up. One super, motivational, inspiring on-target informative message after another.
You laughed, cried and prayed. Most of us will be praying even more for our country. What kind of country will we leave our children. Makes one want to dedicate even more energy to win in 10. (WININ10) Where do I sign up for next year? You just can’t thank CCU and Senator Armstrong and Senator (the Energy Bunny) Andrews enough. AWESOME.

By Ron Bella ( Colorado Christian University sponsored a Western Conservative Summit near Denver, Colorado the weekend of July 9 – 11. Of particular note is that this was a debut for this summit which the sponsors intend to hold annually. One might have expected there to be problems with the venue, the events or between persons in attendance. If there were problems, they were hidden from the guests. The quality of the speakers and the efficiency with which the program was executed was a model for such events. Senator Bill Armstrong, John Andrews and Colorado Christian University are to be congratulated. They did a particularly wonderful job.

Guest speakers included Michele Bachmann who led as the keynote dinner speaker on Friday evening. For anyone who has only seen Michele interviewed on Fox News Channel the address had to be eye-opening. Michele is a quality orator. Saturday presentations began with:

**Arthur Brooks spoke to the assault on capitalism

** Lt. General Boykin spoke of defending ourselves in a dangerous world

** Frank Gaffney spoke of the Reagan concept of peace through strength

** Tom Tancredo addressed the issue of cultural identity

** Michelle Malkin spoke to the Culture of Corruption

** Foster Fries spoke about healthcare

** Mary Katherine Ham addressed the youth of America and the importance of their votes

** Joseph Phillips entertained us with a winning message for conservatism today

** A Tea Party Panel addressed national issues

** A State Issues Panel addressed Colorado

** Dennis Prager spoke of Moral Clarity

** Kamal Saleem conveyed the mind-set of the terrorist and radical Islamist

The conference concluded on Sunday with: Lee Strobel who spoke of God in America and *** Morris who provided a view of the coming elections laying a strategy to ensure victory for America

Yogi Berra once said that people can observe a lot by just watching. Well, it would be understated to say that people could also hear a lot by simply listening (and thus educate themselves tremendously). Each of these individuals had a message. Oh, the message might be disputed by persons on the left. After all, this was a conservative summit. What people should take into consideration is the facts that were presented, the manner that they were tied together to very logical conclusions and what one might actually see that substantiates some of the referenced fears – simply by watching.

** What do we see happening in our country?

** What do we see happening in the Obama Administration?

** What do we see happening in the Congress?

Some things cannot be denied. Just like that old joke of the man caught by his wife cheating on her with his mistress, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” All persons should demand that when persons attempt the art of persuasion with you that they provide evidence. You simply cannot allow persons to succeed in their arguments by dismissive comments or disparaging remarks about the individual who is sounding the clarion bell. Warnings surround us that should tell us all that if we fail to take heed our great nation could be destroyed.

Colorado was identified as at the epicenter of this coming election because we have a golden opportunity to take control of the state legislature and win the gubernatorial election. At the same time Colorado can replace a US Senator and as many as three Congressmen with people who believe in the beauty of the nation and the applicability of the Constitution to our current daily lives.

A special compliment to John Andrews who masterfully moderated the entire event. He sprinkled a touch of humor into the proceedings and banged that heavy gavel with the professionalism one might expect of someone who was once the President of the Colorado Senate.

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