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Centennial’s fall events may include Gov. & Sen. debates

Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s public policy think tank, announced its event calendar for fall 2010, including the hope of a Governor candidates debate in September and a Senate candidates debate in October. Invitations are pending with the major campaigns, and director John Andrews said the prospects of confirmation are good. (Scroll down for complete fall calendar below photo.) Andrews also noted that the Issue Monday series will continue each month, legendary conservative strategist Ralph Reed will speak on campus Oct. 12, and a joint conference with the Heritage Foundation on effective compassion in public policy will take place Nov. 10-11, featuring Jay Richards and Robert Woodson. In addition, supporters who have joined the Centennial Business Council or CCU President’s Circle are invited to several breakfast and dinner events. (Scroll down for complete fall calendar below photo.)

Bible, Republic, economy & academy called indivisible

If Scripture is authoritative, it should guide not only religion on Sundays, but politics, economics, and academics the other six days of the week. That’s the premise of the Saint Louis Statement, a position paper

Say no to NYC jihadist victory shrine

Freedom of religion settles it as far as building the Ground Zero mosque is concerned, says Susan Barnes-Gelt in the August round of Head On TV debates; so ignore the “dittohead” opposition and build it. Absolutely not, says John Andrews. “To erect a Muslim shrine on a Muslim killing field is just wrong.” John on the right, Susan on the left, tape five mini-debates each month for Head On which has been a daily feature on Colorado Public Television since 1997. Here is the script for their mosque debate:

Clashing views on Colorado’s upcoming election

Ken Buck’s views and experience make him “the right man to take on the mess in Washington” as a senator from Colorado, argues John Andrews in the August round of Head On TV debates. And John says the outsider candidacy of Dan Maes for governor, already successful beyond all odds, “might surprise everyone” against John Hickenlooper. But Susan Barnes-Gelt predicts a 20-point blowout for Hickenlooper, along with a narrow win for incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet. John on the right, Susan on the left, also go at it this month over a trio of tax-cutting ballot issues and the Denver mayor’s animus toward autos. Head On has been a daily feature on Colorado Public Television since 1997. Here are the four scripts for August:

Religious freedom at Ground Zero? Show us

('76 Contributor) We have been repeatedly and forcefully instructed to believe that, when the Left expounds the Muslims' right to build a mosque near Ground Zero, it's only about religious freedom. Those who want to

Disunity may sink GOP this fall

(Nantucket, Aug. 16) The two topics dominating summer cocktail chatter on this resort island thirty miles off the coast of Massachusetts both have a nautical flavor. The first involves the return of the Great White Sharks. Ever since Peter Benchley made this area the thinly disguised setting for his blockbuster novel Jaws the Great whites have become a staple of local legend. A wrongheaded environmental Protection Agency ban on seal hunting has led to a population explosion among the furry little critters all along the Northern New England coast. Unimpressed by EPA logic Mother Nature sought to redress the balance by sending a bulletin to Atlantic based Great Whites (and smaller sharks) that liberals were sponsoring a “Free Lunch” in these waters. Soon shark sightings abounded leading to many beach closings and other attendant economic dislocations.

An Eagle Scout reflects on the obsolescence of reverence

(Hillsdale Student) Growing up in the United States of America, I have always felt a primary loyalty to my native land. Having achieved my Eagle Scout and serving at Boy Scout Camp Buffalo Bill this summer, I realize the moral strength of the Scout Law. To become an Eagle Scout, I had to memorize its twelve points: “A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” As a Christian, I especially value the twelfth point, that of reverence. In the beginning of Matthew’s account of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says, “blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth.” On the face of it, this statement seems absurd. How can a person gain the Earth when he is meek? Meekness involves accepting the world around you, acknowledging the greatness of things beyond yourself, and, in a sense, renouncing them to be themselves.

Party split? This Republican is staying

(Denver Post, Aug. 15 – See Disclaimer Below) “I don’t know what the future holds,” my biblically-minded friends will say, “but I know Who holds the future.” Thus grounded, they’re able to be calm, courageous, confident, and cheerful in the face of adversity. [Disclaimer: Centennial Institute will never support or oppose any political party, candidate, or ballot issue. This and all other posts at ’76 Blog represent only the author’s personal opinion, not the official position of Centennial Institute or Colorado Christian University.]

Entrepreneurs and markets, who needs ‘em?

(CCU Faculty) “We won’t have any trouble about inventors under Socialism, for there won’t be any.” So wrote F. G. R. Gordon “agitator and author,” in a letter to the editor of the New York Times in 1909. “The non-competitive system will tend to discourage genius.” Entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators are found to varying degrees in virtually all political economies around the world. In the past they have been referred to as capitalist pigs for various reasons. This human livestock is responsible for the creation of every single technological disruption caused through virtually every innovation and invention that mankind has put into use. How many resources have been wasted in the failures of those who tried and lost? How many jobs have vanished?

Congressional hopefuls vetted by Dick Morris at Summit

With the primaries over and nominations set in both parties, now it can be told. Political consultant and Fox News contributor *** Morris arranged a sidebar meeting after the Western Conservative Summit with some of the GOP candidates for Colorado’s 3rd, 4th, and 7th congressional districts—all currently in Democratic hands but potentially in play as the anti-incumbent tide rises. Cory Gardner was then already the nominee in CD4; contenders Ryan Frazier and Scott Tipton have since won their respective races. Let me note for the record that Centennial Institute does not support or oppose any political party, candidate, or ballot issue, and we did not host or attend the private interviews described in Morris’s July 20 column, excerpted below. We do applaud ***, however, for making good use of his quick eight-hour visit to the state on Sunday, July 11, as our summit wrapped up.