Congressional hopefuls vetted by Dick Morris at Summit

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Congressional hopefuls vetted by Dick Morris at Summit

With the primaries over and nominations set in both parties, now it can be told. Political consultant and Fox News contributor *** Morris arranged a sidebar meeting after the Western Conservative Summit with some of the GOP candidates for Colorado’s 3rd, 4th, and 7th congressional districts—all currently in Democratic hands but potentially in play as the anti-incumbent tide rises. Cory Gardner was then already the nominee in CD4; contenders Ryan Frazier and Scott Tipton have since won their respective races.

Let me note for the record that Centennial Institute does not support or oppose any political party, candidate, or ballot issue, and we did not host or attend the private interviews described in Morris’s July 20 column, excerpted below. We do applaud ***, however, for making good use of his quick eight-hour visit to the state on Sunday, July 11, as our summit wrapped up.

BY *** MORRIS 7/20/10 I have spent the last ten days out on the campaign trail in Colorado, Virginia, and Arkansas. Under the aegis of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative voter education group, I have been preaching the gospel that we cannot tolerate big spending liberals in Congress and that we need to elect conservatives who will oppose higher taxes.

The crowds and the enthusiasm have been simply amazing. One thousand in Denver. Four thousand in Arkansas. Fifteen hundred in Virginia. I have frequently worked in these states, but never have seen anything close to this level of commitment, interest and enthusiasm.

But it is worthwhile to review the individual races in these states. They are crucial and, combined, could give the Republicans seven of the thirty-nine seats they need to take power in the House.

In Colorado, Republican Cory Gardner,, has an excellent chance of defeating Democratic incumbent Betsy Markey.

Democrat John Salazar, the Interior Secretary’s brother, faces the loss of his Congressional seat in the western part of the state to Republican Scott Tipton,, a businessman who has built a huge and successful business selling Native American crafts and art throughout the world. Tipton employs hundreds of Native Americans and, at the same time, helps keep their culture alive and make it marketable.

In the Denver area, a young, articulate, charismatic, brilliant, black Republican Ryan Frazier,, faces Democratic Congressman Ed Pearlmutter. He has a good chance of winning and deserves our support. This guy could be our answer to Barack Obama!

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