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Scotch verdict on McInnis-Maes

What is called in the law a Scotch verdict, an agnostic shrug of “not proved,” is my sad and reluctant conclusion about next week’s Republican primary for Governor of Colorado. At present I cannot support either of the two candidates.

I was intrigued with the businessman-outsider persona of dark horse Dan Maes, and went so far as to float the case for him in my Denver Post column last Sunday, posted here as “Maes and the Medicine.” But as the evidence mounts, I deem the case very insufficient.

Dan Maes is not ready for prime time and seemingly not who he has claimed to be.

Scott McInnis has seen too much prime time, and Colorado is not ready for who we know him to be.

Which is regrettable for two public-spirited Coloradans, fundamentally decent men with devoted families—and even more regrettable for our state, which so urgently needs the limited-government leadership a qualified Republican could provide right now.

Where does this leave us on the morning of August 11 when one of these two is officially the GOP nominee? Attractive and viable options are slim to none.

A ticket-replacement maneuver is imaginable but unlikely. A plurality victory for Constitution candidate Tom Tancredo is also unlikely; Tom is my friend but won’t get my vote.

Are we looking at a handshake from outgoing Gov. Bill Ritter to incoming Gov. John Hickenlooper next January, Democrats retaining power against all odds after botching things so badly the past four years? What a pity if it comes to that.

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  1. Ben Watts September 4, 2010 at 8:58 am - Reply

    It is now September 5th. Many endorsement for Maes has been withdrawn last week.

    I gave you four out of five stars. Four, because you said that "Tom is my friend but won’t get my vote." You lost a star for that. You may need to swallow your pride and vote for Tom.
    Tom is a life-long Republican. He is now a America Constitution Party. Check their Party Platform here:

    After reading the Platform, it seems like what Republic use to stand for. I know it is to early to decide whether or not to vote for Maes. I understand that He picked a running mate who is Pro-Choice. I will not be voting for neither of them. If you can convince me to vote for Maes, as the only Republican candidate for Gov. I will hear you out. I am sure after Governor Tancredo leaves his two term in office, he will change his party back to GOP.

    Do your friend a favor and vote for him. 🙂

    In the meantime, keep on writing.

    Ben Watts
    CCU Alumni

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