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Congress should veto educrats’ folderol

(Scripps Howard Syndicate, Sept. 23) There’s an old saying that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but that’s too simple and wise for the Obama administration, which is readying bureaucratic tools for massive work


Academic Freedom: Obama Edition

(Tribune Syndicate, Sept. 23) Raise your hand if you believe government has too little involvement in our lives. Put down your hands, members of the Obama administration. During a previous political uprising in the 1980s,


A looming Republican civil war?

Throughout the last year and half, as the Tea Party movement has risen and sustained a consistent presence and voice, an ever-present tension has been acknowledged by Republican leaders, Tea-Party faithful and political pundits. The


Wanted: Congressmen who listen

(Denver Post, Sept. 19) “It is essential to liberty,” wrote Madison in Federalist No. 52, “that the government should have a common interest with the people; an immediate dependence on, and an intimate sympathy with


This is Constitution Day, but too few care

(From Investor’s Business Daily 9/17) Constitution Day — Sept. 17, the day 39 delegates to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention signed and submitted to Congress (under the Articles of Confederation) a new constitution for consideration —


Guandolo assists with Team B report on Shariah threat

John Guandolo, Centennial Institute Fellow and former top counter-terrorism expert with the FBI, took part in a Wednesday press conference at the US Capitol in Washington for release a major new study on Muslim subversion,