Guandolo assists with Team B report on Shariah threat

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Guandolo assists with Team B report on Shariah threat

John Guandolo, Centennial Institute Fellow and former top counter-terrorism expert with the FBI, took part in a Wednesday press conference at the US Capitol in Washington for release a major new study on Muslim subversion, entitled Shariah: The Threat to America / An Exercise in Competitive Analysis /Report from Team B II. The full report is online here.

Guandolo will discuss the study in a national security briefing at CCU on Sept. 22, 12 noon in the Dining Commons Annex. Anyone may attend, but reservations must be made by emailing Guandolo says he believes Shariah: The Threat to America will stand as “a truly seminal work” in the country’s struggle to protect itself against external and internal enemies.

The report reflects sixmonths of effort by a group of civilian and military national security professionals. Notable among its members are former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey; former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Harry Soyster; Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, US Army (Ret.) and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence; and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. Under the sponsorship of the Center for Security Policy, they came together to provide an authoritative “second opinion” on the official assessment of – and response to – the most serious threat of our time: the supremacist, totalitarian program authorities of mainstream Islam call “shariah.”

This study is modeled after an earlier and epochal “exercise in competitive analysis” conducted in 1976 to examine the U.S. government’s intelligence, assumptions and analysis concerning Soviet communism’s intentions – and its capabilities for realizing them. That effort produced what came to be known as the first “Team B” Report.

Like its distinguished predecessor, the “Team B II” Report challenges the prevailing view of “Team A” – the U.S. government’s stated judgments about today’s enemy threat doctrine. It documents systematically: the true nature of shariah; the obligation its adherents have to engage in jihad – either through violent or stealthy means; the insidious role being played by the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly with respect to the latter; and our nation’s vulnerabilities to these threats. The report also identifies a number of recommendations as to ways in which these dangers can be mitigated, and America kept shariah-free.

“Our purpose,” said Guandolo, “is to inform and shape the debate about these and related matters that has recently begun in earnest, thanks to a number of current events to include the controversy over the Ground Zero mosque. Several Members of Congress will be present at the press conference, along with retired directors of US intelligence agencies.”

The report is available and downloadable at

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