Higher ed consumers amply protected by existing regs

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Higher ed consumers amply protected by existing regs

A story in today’s Denver Post about the vigilant yet balanced regulatory monitoring of Westwood College by both federal and state authorities perfectly illustrates the point made by Krista Kafer’s recent policy brief and Bill Armstrong’s nationally-noted opinion commentary: There is already plenty of government oversight for institutions of higher education as far consumer protection goes.

No purpose for the latter goal would be served by the pending federal mandate for intrusive state-by-state “authorization” of all colleges and universities, due to take effect Nov. 1.

Ostensible justifications aside, the new rule’s actual purpose would appear to be nothing more than aggrandizement of government power at the expense of private, voluntary accrediting agencies that are working just fine, thank you.

And if the expanded power were then used to enforce political correctness and other liberal agendas on campuses across the country (with faith-based schools like CCU having the most to lose), who could be surprised?

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