Reed inspires students for political and spiritual leadership

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Reed inspires students for political and spiritual leadership

(CCU Student) This past Tuesday evening, Ralph Reed, a conservative political activist, delivered a speech in a crowded room on the Campus of Colorado Christian University. Reed spoke masterfully of the relationship between Christianity and politics, stressing the importance of the knowledge and involvement of the citizenry in both arenas. Hearing Reed’s speech greatly reinforced an excitement I hold for the future of Colorado Christian University and its alumni.

Adding to my enthusiasm was the consciousness that, unlike some Centennial Institute events, this night the Music Center of CCU was full, predominantly, of students. It is difficult to imagine a more pertinent message to be heard by so many students. This crowd was not merely filled with young people enrolled at an ordinary college. Of this crowd will undoubtedly spring pastors and youth ministers; those pursuing other professions will surely be deeply involved in their churches and communities.

I pray that CCU continue to develop and expand its political science facets allowing it to produce an increasing number of politically and spiritually developed leaders. I thank Ralph Reed for his clarity and hope that his visions, paired with the example CCU is becoming, go on to inspire more universities to pursue this worthy goal.

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