Tancredo surges as Hick fails to connect

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Tancredo surges as Hick fails to connect

(CCU Student) In November of 2009, Tom Tancredo was a controversial name in the hat of GOP hopefuls seeking the Governor’s office in 2010. However, all hopes of a Tancredo for Governor campaign were eliminated when Tom declared that he was not seeking a gubernatorial candidacy; and that rather, he would be endorsing Congressman Scott McInnis.

Fast-forward 11 months, and today’s Rasmussen Reports update shows Congressman Tom Tancredo within four percentage points of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. In my few years of political observation, this is potentially the most unprecedented scenario that I have ever seen. The idea of a third-party candidate who declared his candidacy in late July gaining the traction that we have seen is mind-boggling.

I personally do not believe that these circumstances have anything to do with Tom Tancredo being the ‘sexy’ candidate for Governor in 2010. To put this into perspective, I am not aware of any major candidate jumping to a third-party with 98 days remaining to put together a campaign with a party that hasn’t broken the two percent threshold in its existence. It comes down to the fact that he is running against two candidates who are not only incompetent, but have run subpar campaigns filled with gaffes and head scratching notions. Dan Maes has garnered these characteristics on numerous occasions throughout the election, but shouldn’t that leave John Hickenlooper as the obvious victor of the Governor’s race?

Clearly, there has been a strong disconnect between Hickenlooper and the people of Colorado. John Hickenlooper should be leading this race by thirty percentage points. In light of his GOP opponents’ missteps, from lying about public FBI service to plagiarizing written documents and speeches, there is nothing that should stop me from confidently stating that John Hickenlooper will be the next Governor of Colorado. Yet, I cannot state definitively at this point state that Hickenlooper will be elected on November 2. The fact is that voters nation wide (especially in Colorado) are absolutely disgusted with tax-and-spend democrats. In the previous gubernatorial poll released by Rasmussen, 25% of Tom Tancredo’s thirty-five percentage points came from Democrats. Moreover, Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats are flocking towards Tom Tancredo in hopes of finding a candidate who is blunt about their economic and social aspirations as Governor of Colorado.

John Hickenlooper has raised taxes and turned Denver into a sanctuary city, plainly put. He ran Frontier Airlines to Wisconsin for excessive taxation. Frontier CEO Bryan Bedford stated simply: “Denver taxes are too high.” Hicklooper continued with his high-tax policies, and when the damage was done, there were nearly 39,000 jobs lost under his mayoral administration. (Regarding immigration) in 2008, Tom Tancredo wrote a letter signed by Rep. Cory Gardner and Sens. Dave Schultheis and Josh Penry that stated that Denver was out of compliance with CRS29-29-101, which obligates cities to report arrested illegal aliens to Immigrations and Customs officials whether or not the accused are imprisoned. He has run his campaign behind closed doors, and the voters of Colorado are seeking change needed in the State of Colorado. The failed policies of Gov. Bill Ritter have resonated Hickenlooper’s economic plan, and voters are attracted to Tancredo so that they can avoid a “Second Ritter Term.”

This has certainly become one of the most interesting races in the 2010 midterm election realm. And as most of the audience reading this article is unhappy with both Dan Maes and John Hickenlooper, I would ask that you consider supporting Congressman Tancredo on November 2. His stance on immigration has certainly been at the forefront of his campaign, but throughout his tenure in office, Tom’s votes have reflected a very conservative tone. He has almost always been parallel with conservative ideology, and I believe that he is the most qualified and competent candidate in the gubernatorial race of Colorado.

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