Why the left won’t resist jihad and sharia

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Why the left won’t resist jihad and sharia

(CCU Faculty) Nick Cohen of The Guardian bemoans the “seduction” of left-wing academics by Islamic radicalism. Professors who disparage, ridicule, and condemn every Jewish and Christian expression of spirituality can’t find it in their hearts or heads to utter a single word of criticism of jihadists who use their religion to justify suicide bombers, the murder of children, and death sentences for all who disagree with them, observes Cohen with some puzzlement.

My modesty fails me so I will explain to Mr. Cohen European and American academic hypocrisy when it comes to radical Islam. Why won’t they stand up to the jihadists?

First, the academic Left share the Islamists hatred of western culture. Freedom of religion, individualism, free market capitalism, technological innovation, and a host of other western characteristics are despised by jihadist and professor alike. In spending every day for twenty-five years with left-wing academics I can honestly say I never heard a single positive word about America, our free institutions, the wealth generated by our free market, our military, our foreign policy, or our Christian heritage. Left-wing academics do not condemn radical Islam on these issues because they are in full agreement.

Second, the Left’s fantasizes that history is one long melodrama composed of villains, innocent victims, and the “vanguard” elite who save the innocent. And today’s Left has decided that the jihadists and the Palestinians are the oppressed, the United States and Israel are the oppressor, and that it is the responsibility of the Left to condemn the latter. All manner of moral equivocation goes into justifying every jihadist atrocity. This melodramatic narrative gives meaning and purpose and, yes, a religion of sorts to those who have none.

Third, the Left has no moral courage. Mark Steyn rightly observes that the Hollywood Left routinely disparages Christians but leaves radical Muslims alone for the simple reason the former won’t firebomb your house. Even an atheist like Ayaan Hirsi Ali recognizes only Christianity will be able to counter a force as powerful as Islam. Modern secular Leftists will never lay down life and limb even to defend a journalist on the run like Molly Norris. Meanwhile, Christians lay down their lives to minister to Muslims while reaching them for Christ.

I hope this helps Mr. Cohen. If nothing else, if he should take a stand against Islamist atrocities and find himself under a fatwa he will know who will help him. And who won’t.

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  1. Dave Petteys October 11, 2010 at 10:21 pm - Reply

    Another aspect is the trans-national nature of the Left. They fancy themselves as "citizens of the world" and risen above the notions of patriotism, which they term "American militaristic self-aggrandizement". This is the reason Obama refuses to salute the flag!

    The Left fancies itself as loyal to "humanity as a whole" and "mother earth" which supercedes any provincial nationalism.

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