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Why boost funding for our failed public schools?

(Centennial Fellow) We, the American public, hold it as an article of faith that those responsible for devising and implementing public policy have our best interests at heart. Our best minds are hard at work,


Good intentions pave the road to hellacious policies

(Centennial Fellow) Good intentions will get you if you don’t watch out. That’s true of the invasion of the body scanners, of minimum wage laws, of some welfare programs and—please don’t forget it—a supposedly altruistic


Suhail Khan’s benign resumé conceals sinister ties

(‘76 Contributor) As the Republicans take the House and try to regain control of those issues so many Americans felt were detrimental to the country, many conservative Christians are awaiting the political and financial rebound.


Thanksgiving Day 2010: Lucky, deserving, or blessed?

(Denver Post, Nov. 21) America has a memory problem. Most of us couldn’t tell you who our great–grandparents were. Most people who live in Denver, Parker, Thornton, or Greeley couldn’t tell you who their hometown


Right wing road trip: Franklin’s journal of YAF weekend

This weekend I am fortunate enough, along with my schoolmate, Drew Goorabian, to represent Colorado Christian University at The Young America’s Foundation’s West Coast Leadership Conference at the Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara. Throughout this


Deficit commission’s plan has America–saving potential

(Centennial Fellow) For an example of the genius of a recently floated, reform–government, multi–trillion–dollar debt–reduction plan, look at how it would salvage Social Security while simultaneously tickling the fancies of experts left and right. Maybe


What’s so great about Islam, Mr. President?

(CCU Faculty) In a speech on Nov. 7 during his recent trip India, President Obama stated: “The phrase jihad has a lot of meaning within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations,