Election took us beyond Oz & Kansas into new possibilities

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Election took us beyond Oz & Kansas into new possibilities

(CCU Faculty) Waking up the morning after Tuesday’s historic midterm election, a song popped into my mind. Remember the end of the Wizard of Oz? When they began singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”? That’s the song that came to me. It felt like a hymn.

Bottom line—the avalanche in the House was very satisfying. First, Obama’s agenda has been repudiated, dare I say refudiated?, by the American people. I told my young students, “If you are a partisan Republican you should enjoy this day. You won’t see another one in your lifetime.” 65 seats. Goodness gracious. And I thought the 52 won in ’94 was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

In “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” the liberal Thomas Frank drips condescension on conservative voters for voting against their interests. What kind of book could he write about California? With their economy in free fall the Left Coast continues to elect politicians who have been front and center in directing her economic suicide plan. Jerry Brown? The difference between Governor Moonbeam and Captain Smith of the Titanic was that the latter only rammed an iceberg one time. Jerry takes aim and continually hits it. And Californios elect him anyway. Astonishing.

I love the Tea Party and I think it brought tremendous energy and some very good, new candidates into the Republican fold this year. But it also brought weak candidates. How on earth does a crustacean like Harry Reid win an election? Anywhere? The most galling results for me on Tuesday were the victories of Reid and the master of duplicity—Michael Bennet—in Colorado. Medium strength candidates would have derailed them both. And that brings me to 2012. Please, Republicans, run a candidate who can WIN and vanquish Obama’s army of barbarians decamped on the Potomac.

It is encouraging to think that the majority of the American people still put freedom above becoming lap dogs of an omni-benevolent nanny state. The margin is not a great as I would like but it is still a majority.

Exit polls showed those who consider themselves “born again” voting 77-20 for Republicans. Why do Evangelical Protestants vote so overwhelmingly conservative? Certainly abortion is a big factor but surely there is more. But what is it?

I wish we had won the Senate but I knew it would be hard. Many of the seats were contested in decisively blue states—New York, California, Maryland, etc. But looking at the electoral map for 2012 is very encouraging. Many Democratic Senate candidates will be running in states where economic reality must be taken into consideration. And that will be difficult for them. The great enemy of liberalism is reality and they will be running against it far more in 2012 than this time.

The election results should give President Obama pause. He should reexamine his policies, reconsider his directives, reconstitute his staff. For the good of the nation. Prediction: He won’t. As a doctrinaire Leftist the President believes he is smart and we are dumb. So he will continue to do what is good even if it is against our will. After all, we are children who need a wise and benevolent parent.

One last prediction: 2012 should be very, very interesting.

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