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Bipartisan games or downsizing government?

(‘76 Contributor) Bipartisanship is greatly overrated as a formula for good government. Every major government boondoggle in recent memory was launched with bipartisan enthusiasm. Bipartisanship has its role in the day–to–day affairs of government. What


Manifesto for the Grand Old Tea Party

(Centennial Fellow) This essay is my argument for why America needs the Republican Party and the Tea Party to combine forces to form a semi–new political party, the GOTP or Grand Old Tea Party. William


Roar of disapproval or empathy deficit? Debaters differ

The Republican congressional landslide resulted from a “failure to communicate empathy,” not a rejection of Obama’s policies, says Susan Barnes–Gelt in the November round of Head On TV debates. Okay, says John Andrews, if this


Obama & Pelosi invite us to imagination land. Don’t go!

(CCU Student) The tides have turned, but sadly worldviews have not. released two intriguing articles this past week. The first article pertains to Barack Obama’s interview on 60 Minutes. The other discusses Nancy Pelosi’s


GOP wave hit invisible wall from Colorado westward

(CCU Student) It’s November 7. The final ballots are being counted, and toss–up races are concluding in each of the states. Republicans have picked up sixty–one seats in the House of Representatives, regaining the majority