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Property rights win a round against RTD steamroller

Today’s Denver Post played the land–use story out of Adams County from a sympathetic angle favoring woebegone developer John Renne, prominently quoted as saying: “It will definitely hinder my ability to create jobs on the


Will Sen. Bennet engender buyers’ remorse?

(’76 Contributor) The elections have been over for over a month now. It’s time to take a look at the choices we made, so that we can understand and take full responsibility for them. Amid


Littwin’s wrong: Americans want lower taxes

(’76 Contributor) As a creative writer, Denver Post columnist Mike Littwin has few peers. However, in his December 3 piece entitled “Duck! Here Comes Extension of Bush–era Tax Cuts”, Mr. Littwin not only wrote creatively,


Four belief systems face off in CCU workshop

Centennial Institute assisted Bill Armstrong, president of Colorado Christian University, in presenting a world religions panel for a half–day workshop of all CCU faculty and staff at the Lakewood campus on Friday, Dec. 10. With