Former State Rep. Penn Pfiffner, a leader with the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, writes as follows in a mass email this evening:

[Wanted you to have] the message of a proposed tax increase on the 2011 ballot. The very leftist Fiscal Policy Center offers a measure for the next election. It would mandate progressive income tax rates for personal and corporate levels. It would also expand a 2.7% sales tax to services—except for health care. (Why not keep the current 2.9% rate? I can see the misleading advertising now “vote to cut the sales tax rate”). The very much larger base would be every service from car repair, to your barber, to your tax preparer, to the emergency plumber, to …

[Here is the proposed language, on which a Title Board hearing will be held Dec. 15 at 2pm] Colorado Tax Increase 2011

Kudos to Dennis Polhill for locating this. [It’s not yet clear how much] support and organization [are] enjoyed by the backers. before going off half–cocked. [But someone will have to mobilize] a team to defeat it. My guess is that a great deal of the research work being wrapped up at DU’s tax center will provide the “wide, bi–partisan support” so “reluctantly” offered by the usual suspects who believe that we are undertaxed and underserved by state government.