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House Republicans sensibly tighten Colorado’s belt

During much of the last decade December has greeted Colorado legislators with gloomy revenue forecasts that confirm there won’t be enough money to pay for the spending they budgeted in April. Drastic budget reductions ensue

Whatever happened to ‘Made in America’?

Being a fifth grader isn’t too hard other than avoiding the sixth grade bullies, playing it safe in playground politics, partaking in cafeteria trading which would give a NYSE trader a run for his money,

Without reform, China’s future dim

A couple of fairly expensive compact fluorescent light bulbs went kaput in my house after hardly any use. I checked the package and, sure enough, they were made in China. My first thought was that

Chicken Little wrong again: Oil hasn’t peaked

(CCU Faculty) A tip of the hat to Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post for his column chiding “peak oil” extremists. Carroll queries, “Where are the “peak oil” alarmists when we need them to spice

Citizen of the world? Yes I am

(CCU Faculty) Last week at the Centennial Institute’s debate on Immigration State Senator Lucia Guzman encouraged the audience to be “citizens of the world.” The response from the overwhelming conservative crowd was a chorus of

Why unions fear school reform

(Denver Post, Jan. 23) The indignation was feverish. Teacher–union partisans trembled. Elaine Berman, a State Board of Education member from Denver, boycotted. Mary Johnson, an education consultant from Colorado Springs, raged. “A person known for

Civility yes, milquetoast no

In the recent rush for civility, for making our political discourse sweet, pure and very nice, Let’s heed the warning of moderation in all things and not shrink from sentences like the one below. “His

Meet Army 2LT Karthik Venkatraj

I am blessed to be in Colorado but I am most blessed because I have the absolute honor of calling myself an American. My mother and father are my inspiration. My father dreamt of coming