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Wisconsinize Colorado? Please do

(Denver Post, March 27) A useful new verb was coined the other day when Republicans joined Democrats to propose higher pension contributions by public employees and a union boss called it a “blatant attempt to


Sweet: Public employees’ fat benefits mean skinny taxes

(’76 Contributor) Much attention has been given to the generally acknowledged fact that public union members enjoy higher wages and more generous benefits compared to their private sector counterparts. But this disparity is even greater


Testimony for tuition equity bill didn’t sway Senate Dems

Equity, accessibility, broader choice, and educational advantage would have been the four benefits realized for low–income college students if Colorado Senate Democrats had followed the lead of House Republicans in supporting House Bill 1168 this


Cut spending or go broke: America’s existential moment

(Centennial Fellow) In arguably the most colossal political blunder of the 20th century Adolf Hitler declared war on the United States three days after Pearl Harbor based on his fatal underestimation of America’s prodigious capacity


Series on young conservative voices: A wrapup

(Centennial Graduate Intern) Working in the Pentagon this summer, I ran into several Obama appointees. One was a field director for Hillary’s Presidential campaign in Iowa. During the campaign, he spent his time meeting all