Assaf spells out threat of jihad & sharia at CCU briefing

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Assaf spells out threat of jihad & sharia at CCU briefing

Here are my notes from a briefing by Dr. Bruce W. Assaf on “Understanding Radical Islam,” presented by the Centennial Institute on the campus of Colorado Christian University, March 9, 2011. An audience of about 100 students and community members attended.

  1. Islamic Jihadists exist within Islam. Islam is not purely a religion but also a political program for world dominance. Jihadist leaders and their followers are sworn enemies of Western civilization. They seek to destroy the US especially because we represent the supreme achievement of Western/Judeo–Christian civilization, expressed in freedom and capitalism. They also seek our destruction because we are Israel’s principal supporters. The 9–11 attack was the Jihadists’ de facto declaration of war.
  2. Islamic Jihadists want to impose Shariah law worldwide (“Triumphalism”).
    • Sharia law encompasses Mohammed’s views on God and government, not separable.
    • Unlike our religious tolerance, Islamic Fundamentalists do not tolerate any other religious practitioners, not even other Muslim sects.
    • All non–Muslims are infidels, to be eradicated.
    • Even moderate Muslims must be corrected.
  3. Mohammed introduced Islam to unify and motivate Arabs,
    • Before Mohammed, Arabs were tribal and pagan, those tribes engaged in constant internecine battles and worshipping numerous local deities.
    • He recognized that a single compelling religion, defining all others as enemies, would unify them.
    • In those times, people expected/needed strong, unquestionable leadership, which continues to be Muslim cultural tradition.
  4. Jihadist Muslims detest Jews and Christians.
    • Jews and Christians are Islam’s religious competition.
    • Jewish and Christian traditions promulgate individual freedom and democratic governments.
    • Jews and Christians share the same historic roots but gleaned a different outcome.
    • Jews and Christians share the same scriptural tradition but derived a different world–view.
    • Americans, Europeans and Israelis experience freedom and prosperity.
    • Islam
  5. History documents Islam’s Anti–Western jihad.
    1. After Mohammed, Islam overran the non–European lands from West Africa to north–central India, plus much of Spain.
    2. The Islamic takeover of Europe was halted in northern Spain and in the Balkans.
    3. Recently Jihadists have resumed their assault.
      • Amin al–Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, encouraged Hitler’s “final solution.”
      • Yasser Arafat, a protégé of al–Husseini, instructed Arabs to vacate Israel upon its establishment, thus creating the persistent refugee problem which he then used (through his PLO) for leverage in the UN.
      • In 1991 GHW Bush tried for peace by pressing for recognition of Palestinian territory, but the PLO and its supporters want dominance, not peace.
      • Clinton and GW Bush have also tried, even compelling Israel to leave Gaza.
      • Now Obama (pro–Muslim whether intentionally or through naivete) openly proclaims his preference for the Muslim perspective and demands that Israel capitulate.
      • Because European nations host huge Islamic populations (see below), these nations’ policy–makers have become pro–Muslim, and thus UN decisions favor Muslim demands.
      • Appeasement a la Chamberlain only encourages bullies.
      • Jihadists use our tolerance and our freedom of speech to undermine us.
    4. Current Mideast turmoil repeats the pattern of Iran in 1979.
      • Muslim Brotherhood and related Jihadist groups promulgate revolt, inviting media coverage (always hungry for “crises”).
      • Then they intensify the turmoil by haranguing protesters about their grievances and promising them freedom and prosperity if they follow these “leaders.”
      • Once the established government collapses, the fundamentalists (e.g., Khomeini, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood) take control to restore order but do so through totalitarian oppression.
      • The objective is dominance of the oil and gas fields and the Suez Canal, crucial for commercial shipping and naval maneuverability, thereby crippling Western economies.
    5. Additionally, Muslim leaders encourage large families.
      • In impoverished regions, the resultant hunger fuels resentment.
      • Overpopulation motivates migration
      • “Fatwa” = immigration/infiltration as a technique for surreptitious conquest.
  6. Quote from Omar Ahmad, Chairman of Council on American–Islamic Relations: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant.”—San Ramon Valley Herald, July 4, 1998.
  7. Quote from then–Senator Barack Obama, “America is no longer a Christian nation.”—email to CBN News Senior National Correspondent David Brody, July 2007.

Born in Canada of Lebanese Christian parents, Bruce Assaf now lives in Atlanta. For more on his work, and to order his book, Behind the Veil of Radical Islam: The Coming War, go to

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