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Marijuana Day at CU Boulder

(CCU Faculty) Thursday upon arriving on the CU Boulder campus, where I moonlight from CCU history professor job, I had a hard time finding a parking place to teach my 3pm Western Civilization class. Earlier


There is no political panacea

(Denver Post, April 24) “To the Colorado renaissance.” That’s the oilman’s toast to the steelmaker and the railroad mogul in the new film version of “Atlas Shrugged.” As Ayn Rand’s epic novel of capitalism finally


Changing Political Landscape of the New South

(Hilton Head, S.C.) Apparently unimpressed by the rumpled charm of GOP candidate Wendell Wilkie and untroubled that FDR was challenging the two term tradition set by George Washington, South Carolinians in 1940 gave Roosevelt a


Holy Week, Part 1: The Immediacy of Passover

(’76 Contributor) This evening, for the second time in a decade, I decided to add some of my own thoughts to our family’s Seder. I love to hear myself talk of course, but I’m completely


Don’t weep for Planned Parenthood

(’76 Contributor) Lisa Wirthman writes that Planned Parenthood was bullied in the budget battle (Denver Post, April 15). Why does a billion dollar organization need a subsidy from U.S. taxpayers? Rather, Washington is using our