America facing its demise? Not so fast

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America facing its demise? Not so fast

The world is full of people waiting eagerly to sound the death knell for the American era. America is perceived as a beleaguered nation, beaten down and falling apart. Yet it’s possible for our nation to return to greatness even after the struggles of the past decade. My essay, The American Demise?, explores the situation. Read it here: Grenier American Demise.pdf (154.10 kb)

Like a sick person who seeks medical help for a problem, only to find that it’s really a symptom of an even greater problem, as a nation we need to look deeper if we really want to get well and thrive again. The American Demise? analyzes our current economic situation for its root causes, not merely the symptoms. Major sections look at the shrinking world, our lost heritage, misguided economic dreams, government overreach, popular culture, and debt addiction.

My essay’s conclusion is our current economic and political struggles are symptoms of a national lack of character. The best answer is promote, once again, the concepts of morality, nobility, and virtue in our nation. Once more, here’s the link where you can read and download a full copy of The American Demise?Grenier American Demise.pdf (154.10 kb)

Kevin Grenier is a graduate of the Air Force Academy. He has been an intelligence officer, military chaplain, pastor and non-profit director. He has also taught at CCU and Denver Seminary. He and his wife, Lisa, live in Castle Rock with their five children.

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