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Marijuana Day at CU Boulder

(CCU Faculty) Thursday upon arriving on the CU Boulder campus, where I moonlight from CCU history professor job, I had a hard time finding a parking place to teach my 3pm Western Civilization class. Earlier that day I had received several emails from some of my Boulder students telling me that they would be missing class due to an event in the quad. What that was, I now learned.

On my way to class I passed through the quad and saw several thousand students (as well as many homeless folks and others who didn’t seem to belong there). They were all in small circles of four to five people, and every circle was passing around marijuana cigarettes. I almost felt high myself as I tried to make it across the quad to my class. Half the class never showed up; they were enjoying the activity out on the lawn.

My lecture that day was Calvinism, Puritanism and the Protestant Ethic, how these values made America great, but that we were now unfortunately losing them here in America. How appropriate! As I spoke of living a responsible and sober life, studying hard to be a success, becoming an upstanding member of the community, and of one day becoming a good spouse and parent, my students automatically juxtaposed the activities outside our classroom where the other half of the class was spending their time. I told them that I felt I was preaching to the choir, but promised them all extra credit for their faithful attendance, choosing to learn about responsibility, instead of blowing smoke in the quad.


  1. Fred Brown September 8, 2016 at 1:46 am - Reply

    While recreational pot usage is controversial, many people agree and believe that the drug should be legal for medical uses. Online Budz

  2. Kyle April 27, 2011 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    Those ideals are responsible for the worst aspects of American society, and the ones that are most unlike Christ's teachings. While people were outside fighting for their God-given rights, you were teaching -isms that seek an authoritarian society that removes all such rights.

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