Monthly Archives: July 2011


Denver presidential straw poll set for July 31

Centennial Institute announced today that it will hold a 2012 presidential straw poll at the upcoming Western Conservative Summit in Denver. Balloting will take place at 11:00 a.m., Sunday, July 31. Results will be announced


Responsibility movement grows

(Denver Post, July 24) Will Barack Obama go the way of Jimmy Carter, and lose reelection after demonstrating weak leadership in a troubled economy? One Coloradan with a keen nose for the political wind signaled


Head On TV: Obamacare equals corporate statism

Conflicts of interest may discredit Colorado’s newly formed health insurance exchange, worries Susan Barnes–Gelt in the July round of Head On TV debates. Look closer and you’ll see the exchange concept itself is pure corporate


Time to raise the demagoguery ceiling

(Centennial Felllow) House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he was deferential, just asking if he might speak, when President Barack Obama took offense and walked huffily from the room, barking “enough is enough.” Others see


Blue–state liberals have the blues

(Dateline: Boston) When Lord Cornwallis marched his defeated British Army out of Yorktown in 1781 after surrendering to George Washington he regarded this turn of events as so unthinkable that he ordered his regimental bands