‘Responsibility Reborn’ maps out the conservative agenda

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‘Responsibility Reborn’ maps out the conservative agenda

(’76 Editor) What makes America exceptional? What revived our nation’s greatness after the disastrous 1970s? What has energized the conservative comeback since 2009? How can the USA beat the historical odds that say the third century is sunset time for republics? And bottom line: What must be our citizenship agenda for this next decisive decade?

My new book, coming out next week from Denali Press, tackles those questions from the perspective of a lifetime on the political battlefield and a deep love for our land. It’s called Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen’s Guide to the Next American Century. See below for a peek at the front and back cover.

Hugh Hewitt, I’m honored to say, wrote the foreword. He praised the book as “valuable for everyone who aims to lead and to leave behind a worthy legacy.” Others endorsing the book include Ed Meese, Don Hodel, Chuck Colson, Cal Thomas, Larry Reed, Bob Beauprez, James C. Bennett, Alan Crippen, and my longtime mentor, now president of Colorado Christian University, former Sen. Bill Armstrong. “Responsibility Reborn shines a beacon of hope,” said former Sen. Hank Brown. “You will be inspired.”

Sales of Responsibility Reborn: A Citizen’s Guide to the Next American Century through a dedicated website and Amazon.com, as well as in bookstores, will begin soon. The price is $20 plus shipping. We’re now taking advance orders via email to Centennial@ccu.edu. Simply send your name, postal address, and daytime phone number. You’ll be contacted for payment and other details. An e–book will also be available.

“Freedom is the master value,” I wrote in outlining my personal credo some years ago. By hard experience I learned that no, personal responsibility is always the price of freedom. From there I began calling for Element R, a citizens’ responsibility movement, via my column and radio show. Then I wrote this book. There’s blood in the ink; I am that committed to this idea.

Americans can be responsible and free, or we can be irresponsible and enslaved. There is no other option and no middle ground. That’s the urgent message of Responsibility Reborn, a book that can change the way you think about our country and your stake in it.

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