Immigration favoritism mocks the rule of law

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Immigration favoritism mocks the rule of law

Again the Obama administration announced that bureaucrats may decide when they will ignore laws. This instance involves illegal immigrants. But that’s not the point. The true problem is inconsistent, arbitrary application of government.

Every resident—you and I, business–people, employees, parents, young and old—needs a consistent legal context. If rules may or may not be enforced, we cannot plan. Business decisions, investment, even household budgeting become unfathomable.

Worse, bureaucrats with license to apply rules arbitrarily readily fall into corrupt cronyism. This CEO wants a regulation enforced against his competitors, or that union wants to pressure management. Influence–peddling and bribery will abound.

Then bribe demands spread. A contractor wants the inspector to approve a job, or you merely want to renew your driver’s license.

Without known rules consistently applied, America becomes a bureaucratic quicksand like Mexico or the Middle East. That will be the end of prosperity and freedom.

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