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A family reunion and deficit spending

By |August 7th, 2011|

(’76 Contributor) I just returned from a family reunion in Sioux Falls, SD, the same day Congress raised the debt ceiling. Family reunions are interesting because a large, extended family represents a statistical sample from which one can infer much of what going on in the World. It is obvious that young people are struggling, leaving their small towns and migrating to urban areas. They are taking upwards of 6 years to get their undergraduate degrees and graduate debt–ridden. […]

Aborting our children will not save the planet

By |August 7th, 2011|

(’76 Contributor) For decades, the words “family planning” have been a euphemism for “abortion” to abortion proponents. Echoing Humpty Dumpty, when the left “uses a word, it means just what [they] choose it to mean, neither more nor less.” […]

Don’t sell America short; we’re still exceptional

By |August 7th, 2011|

(Centennial Fellow) There is much doom and gloom out there in the economy. Many say America’s best days are over, and that we will be eclipsed by Europe or China. That just will not happen.

Thirty years ago everyone talked about how America was in decline, that Japan would pass us. That was until the Reagan administration […]

Summit Diary of a Tea Party Patriot

By |August 3rd, 2011|

Editor: Peg Brady of Centennial, Colorado, a tireless grassroots worker for constitutional government and conservative reform, is first to file again this year, as she was in 2010, with a comprehensive journal of key points and memorable moments from the 19 hours of programming at Western Conservative Summit 2011. If a comparison with James Madison’s meticulous and indispensable journal of the 1787 Philadelphia Convention would be too lofty, […]

The people who may save America

By |August 3rd, 2011|

(Syndicated Columnist & Centennial Fellow) Some liberals inform us that conservative criticism of President Barack Obama is racially motivated, which is why they would no doubt be surprised that conservatives gathered in Denver recently gave some of their loudest cheers for presidential aspirant Herman Cain. Did they not notice he was black? […]

Perry’s reluctant candidacy gathers speed

By |August 2nd, 2011|

(Syndicated Columnist & Summit Speaker) Some wives don’t want their husbands to run for president—Alma Powell (Colin Powell) and Cheri Daniels (Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels). Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry doesn’t have that problem. […]

Summiteers’ verdict: Cain sweeps straw poll

By |August 1st, 2011|

The results of the Western Conservative Summit 2011 Denver Presidential Straw Poll are in, and the winner is Herman Cain with 48 percent of the vote. Rick Perry was the runner-up with 13 percent.

A total of 508 ballots were cast over the three-day conference. […]