Ten years after 9/11, is America still a family?

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Ten years after 9/11, is America still a family?

(CCU Student) There is something quite profound I have come to recognize within my family dynamics as I enter adulthood and start investigating the truths of our nature, politic, and universe myself. I have hit a lot of opposition between members to the point of near to complete estrangement. Disagreements over public policy, political philosophy, morality, religion, creation … etc, have crept their way into our lives creating relational barriers between ones I have known all my life and will always love. Yet, despite such pronounced dissimilarities and disagreements, when everything hits the fan, when one member of the family completely falls apart, we all hurt with them and come to render aid.

The American family functions in the same way. I think September 11, 2001 was a great example of that. In an era of relativity and progressive morality, where the political left and the political right are in constant battle, where debates over social values and morality stream the mainline, all Americans were brought back together as fellow Americans, in the horror of one morning in September 2001.

Now, 10 years later I can still remember where I was and every moment of that day as I saw over and over again the first plane hit … and then the second. I was sitting in my 6th grade home room class with my peers watching the scenes through a television set that was brought into our classroom by our teacher. I was only 11 years old, but I remember.

Now we are again back to our old family dynamics, bickering, debating, and even arguing over our intent of going to war post 9/11. Some even advocating for the rights of the terrorists that have been apprehended in affiliation with the aggressor of the attacks. The fire for justice that was so strong post 9/11/01 has seemed to simmer down in many Americans hearts. Yet, with the tenth anniversary of the attack, we must remember the day that will be engrained in the souls of American’s forever, young and old. Even if we are not prepared to pick up the guns ourselves, remembrance and support is what fuels the love felt between bickering, yet hurting family members.

There is truly a unity in the heart of America that will always burn on the anniversary of the attack. I say now in hindsight, God bless America for that unity, which brings forth the memory that displays the true heart of America. May we always remember.

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