Towers’ fall reminds us to keep our gifts unstained

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Towers’ fall reminds us to keep our gifts unstained

(CCU Student) On September 11th, 2001, I remember standing in front of the television watching as the first, and then the second tower was hit. I was especially horrified because I had just returned home from New York with my twin sister Aubrey. It was our first time there and we were so excited to tell our friends about the trip and show them pictures from the Empire State building, most of which the Twin Towers were in.

I remember standing there just thinking over and over “Why would someone do that? Why New York? Why in America?” It took me a few years to understand that America the Beautiful was not beautiful to everyone. For some, religion is not consistent with freedom, and death is better than living a life of “disgrace.” The followers of those who committed the unspeakable crimes on that day hold actions above mercy, love, and the values that set Christ apart from all other religions.

September 11th marks a terrifying day in our nation’s history. It was also a day that reminded every American citizen that fighting for our freedom was not a one–time occurrence. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inherent gifts in our existence as human beings. We have, are, and will always be charged with the duty to keep these gifts free from the stain of mortality, even within our own country and our own citizens.

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