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The Road to 2020

(Denver Post, Oct. 30) In a year and a week, we’ll know who Americans want for president. Anybody who claims much certainty about it until then is howling at the moon. I have no prescience

Any hope of political parties acting responsibly?

(CCU Fellow) In the 1960s the discipline of political science was becoming distressed by what they perceived to be an imbalance in the political system. Their impression was that interest groups, what they often called

Yes, evangelicals do reject leftism. More power to them!

(CCU Faculty) In their recent New York Times op–ed, “The Evangelical Rejection of Reason,” Karl Giberson and Randall Stephens, former and current professors at Eastern Nazarene College, apologize to the Times’ readers for their Evangelical

Occupy Denver: An abyss of envy and blame

It is in times like these that I wish I were a great mind, well versed in psychological theory. But then again, I feel Freud himself would struggle to rationalize the behavior of most Occupy

As Coloradans begin voting, parties matter

Amid all the attention to Election 2012, voters in Colorado and many other states should not overlook Election 2011. And as we vote, by all means take note of who the R’s and D’s are—even

Crossing Canada by rail, we had a window on history

(Vancouver) Jefferson’s decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory from the French for the bargain basement price of fifteen million dollars in 1803 is one of the most stunning exercises of Presidential authority in our history.

Head On TV: Desperate Obama turns to class warfare

Obama’s class warfare theme, learned from Alinsky and abetted by the Occupy Wall Street movement, won’t save him in 2012, says John Andrews in the October round of Head On TV debates. Don’t underestimate its